Our company was established by Hüsnü Kılıç in 20 April 1960 in order to import, export, distribute and exhibit both local and foreign films in Turkiye. Since the date of our establishment we have imported and distributed hundreds of best quality films from many different countries. Also, we exhibited and distributed films imported and produced by other local companies.  Besides distribution we have run some movietheatres throughout Turkiye too. In July 2004 we bought Filmatik which was established in 1955 in order to print Turkish or foreign language sub-titles on 35 mm films. Recently as Turkish films sold and screened globally we've broken a new ground bytranslating and printing Chinese sub-titles on Turkish films. As 35 mm has been replaced byhard drives in movie theatres in July 2013 we donated our machinary to Mimar Sinan University. During censorship screening of English dubbed or sub-titled films, sworn interpretation service from English to Turkish has been provided by  our company since1987.  In order to provide free of mistakes translations both from Turkish to foreign languages or from foreign languages to Turkish, we work with experienced film translators for almost every major language. As a result of recent interest in "Made In Turkiye" films and series/dramas/soap operas abroad we started activities to satisfy this demand too.